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As far as songs go, it's weaker, but otherwise an excellent Sandler rom with a nice message. Leo is a tired old iguana living the quiet life of a school pet and suddenly becomes a mentor to all the kids after an… (lisää)

PethushkaUs and Them(2018) 

In the end, what moved me the most out of the whole movie were the closing credits, or rather the videos embedded in them. A nice reminder that we all live our lives, experience our loves, leave, forgive, are forgiven.… (lisää)

EvilPhoEniXBeliever 2(2023) 

The sequel to the Korean remake of Believer (the original is from China, Drug War) has arrived on Netflix, and so far it's been getting people talking. It's not too bad, but it's a bit weak by Korean standards. We have… (lisää)