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J*A*S*MKlo 15:10 lähtö Yumaan(2007) 

I think the only thing I’ve watched less than western is Japanese anime, so I can’t evaluate this film objectively within the genre, but what I can say is that, up until a certain moment, I was so immersed that I was… (lisää)

NinadeLDoom Patrol - Season 1(2019) 

Yes, Cyborg is really the last DC character I would follow in any medium. Yet the adventures of the robotic Brendan Fraser and his nightmare-derived idea buddies have something going for them. The various strange… (lisää)

EvilPhoEniXDen blomstertid nu kommer(2018) 

The Swedes deliver a solid mix of genres and if it wasn't for the slow first half, it would be a blast. The first forty minutes are really excruciatingly slow and I think a few viewers will give up on the film. There… (lisää)