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Baru.PaprckaThe Baker(2023) 

The movie isn't bad, but unfortunately, it falls somewhere in the category of "good idea, poor execution, and mediocre casting." The story is fine, even though we've seen it here several times before. Ron is a cool… (lisää)

GoldbeaterWeird: The Al Yankovic Story(2022) 

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is a nice parody of musical biopics about a man who spent his career making musical parodies, but I'd probably be reluctant to recommend it to anyone who isn't at least partially familiar… (lisää)


The skilled Cedric Jimenez has already made the excellent The Connection and The Stronghold, so every new film of his is worth looking forward to (as with Olivier Marchal, who tends to be a French guarantee of quality… (lisää)