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Kuningatar Elisabet II pohtii perintöään ja sukuaan. Diana hurmaa yleisöä viimeisinä elinviikkoinaan. Monarkialle koittaa tilinteon hetki. (Netflix)

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englanti The breezy mix of documentary, art and pop continues in its final season. The first couple of episodes with Diana have an engaging pace and a traditionally well-drawn setting. There is no shortage of controversial moments, or iconic shots that went around the world in the tabloids of their day. All masterfully matched by a top-of-the-range production ensemble and superb direction. The pace falters a bit in the second half, when you actually realise that the most gripping story of Diana won't cover the whole season, but other, sometimes less interesting personalities are given space. But, as is often the case with The Crown, even the less interesting parts are still top-notch, and film enthusiasts big and small will find their appetites whetted. ()

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