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Myyttisenä ja tunteellisesti ladattuna sankarimatkana Dyyni kertoo Paul Atreidesin tarinan. Älykäs ja lahjakas nuorimies on syntynyt täyttämään suuren kohtalon, joka ylittää hänen ymmärryksensä. Hän joutuu matkustamaan universumin vaarallisimmalle planeetalle varmistaakseen perheensä ja kansansa tulevaisuuden. Kun pahansuovat voimat ryhtyvät taisteluun planeetalta löytyvästä ainutlaatuisesta ja arvokkaimmasta tunnetusta raaka-aineesta – hyödykkeestä, joka voi toteuttaa ihmiskunnan suurimmat mahdollisuudet – vain pelkonsa voittavat selviävät. (SF Studios Fin.)


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englanti Spaceships galore, but bringing a little water from Norway to the planet in gratitude for spices…just no! As a non-reader of the book, I enjoyed the second viewing more, at least the first half of the half-film. The second, “desert” half, however, was more drawn out in its dreaminess taken to the point of would-be profundity. A key question: If there were no books and only this screenplay existed, would there have been any reason at all to film it, especially in such an expensive production? Besides cool giant worms, what would it bring to today’s world of cinematic sci-fi? Furthermore, if visual splendour without emotion and with phrases having no connection to the philosophical questions of real human life is considered to be art today, I want to go back to 2001-2003, when spectacular cinematic journeys into fantasy worlds based on books could make me cry and fall in love with their characters. I’m giving this a purely IMAX fourth star for the excellent cast, for which this project had been waiting perhaps as much as for the creative visionary Villeneuve, for the display of costumes and make-up par excellence (Skarsgård!) and for the film’s breathtaking audio-visual immensity, boosted by the “heavier” Zimmer. After I listened to it in the car for the first time, I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. It wasn't, and I'm looking forward to hearing the track “Leaving Caladan” on Zimmer’s upcoming concert tour! ()


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englanti Look, let's say you don't need to see most films today in the cinema. Their visuals aren't interesting or sophisticated enough, they lack something that would give you that pleasant tingle in the back of your neck, they don’t motivate you to see them on the big screen, or it's just a dull colouring book for teenagers (oops, anyone heard of Marvel?), so you can get a big TV at home, or a monitor if you're a really undemanding viewer. But Villeneuve's Dune? My God! That's in a whole different league, that's the kind of film big halls and big screens are built for. There hasn't been a visual epic like this since ...... well, maybe since Nolan's Interstellar, and as for capturing the sheer genius loci of the desert, its magical dunes and scorching sand, there hasn't been anything like it for 60 years, when – as Steven Spielberg declared "the miracle of cinema" – Lean's Lawrence of Arabia premiered. And everything else in Dune is a triumph of cinematic design, a non-tactile architecture of spectacular proportions, an interior design that illustrates the fantastic visual compositions. Add to that the incredibly good cast – I was most excited about Chalamet, which is exactly how I imagined Paul Atreides. Other reasons why this is a film for the cinema: Zimmer's powerful, droning score (a quality audio set is a must) and then the simple fact that Villeneuve likes to shoot in the dark, at night, and much of the film is dark, with Villeneuve playing with light and shadows and ominous gloom. At home on the computer you’ll see fuck all. So I'll conclude with a nice little friendly jab at you – if you are judging a visual epic like this based on the aforementioned fuck all, you are an idiot (no smiley face). ()



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englanti It’s not without flaws, but euphoria prevails nonetheless. It’s a soulful epic and a surprisingly moving story about overcoming fear of oneself and the unknown. The distant future could hardly be more realistic and strangely intimate. The figures came out well, and Villeneuve overcomes the hollow mannerisms of Blade Runner and serves up images with sweat and blood. Duncan Idaho has finally replaced Aragorn in my heart. At several moments the film evoked exactly the same intense feelings as the book. However, it stands on its own sturdy legs as a film. I'd watch the sequel immediately... ()


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englanti I didn't think that I would end up agreeing with the more reserved reviews of Villeneuve's Dune (it was by far the most anticipated film of the year for me too). After all the colourful crappy blockbusters from Disney, Marvel and Netflix, it's really refreshing to see something expensive and adult in the cinema that doesn't try to pander to stupid teenagers. Dune is also definitely well made in terms of craftmanship, visual effects, and production design; there is no question that this is an exceptionally refined work in terms of aesthetics – looking at those paintings is a treat, even if their beauty is quite austere. And yet, I can’t bring myself to be thrilled. The first half still offered hopes of it with the introduction of the space politics, the various secret plans and intrigues, which had me reliably hooked and looking forward to seeing how it all would build up. But in the second half we suddenly end up looking into the desert and the film lost me. And that’s probably due to the fact that it failed to establish any kind of bond with the characters; they are all so cold; I just couldn’t enjoy it, even with Chalamet, whom I otherwise like a lot. The character played by Jason Momoa is apparently supposed to serve as the "heart of the film", but we don't really get to know him at all! His relationship with Chalamet is built purely on the basis of a few friendly hugs, otherwise, we don't get know anything about him because we haven’t gone through anything with them. And that's how it is with everybody, and it's hard to develop an emotional bond with them. The only thing you can potentially grasp in the first Dune are emotions, because the "plot" manages to start but doesn't come to anything ("It begins" is a really fitting slogan for the poster). But action is not one of Villeneuve’s strengths. ()


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englanti This was an EXPERIENCE. Once every few years you sit down in a movie theater, and thanks to the subject matter you somehow know what to expect. Yet after a few minutes, all your ideas start to fall apart because everything that happens on the screen inevitably keeps you enthralled for 155 minutes. Not a single part of the film is wasted, the synthesis of image and sound is at its peak, and the gigantic spaceships amaze as much as the intimate story of the young messiah makes you shiver. The people who believed in it at Warner Brothers, and slapped that insane budget on it, are my personal heroes of the capitalist gamble of the movie business. Any objective criticism is beyond me. Along with Interstellar, I place Dune on the pedestal of the best science fiction of the 21st century. ()

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