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Rikosetsivä joutuu jäähylle omintakeisten tutkintamenetelmiensä takia. Hän lyöttäytyy yhteen toimittajan kanssa napatakseen sarjamurhaajan lakia kiertäen. (Netflix)

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englanti After watching Kolory zła: Czerwień, Netflix suggested this series to me. Little did I know, it was Netflix's sly revenge for all my long-standing complaints about their content. Like an idiot, I walked right into the trap. I’m fairly certain this is the worst Polish series I’ve ever seen. If I’m wrong, then it's definitely one of the two worst. I have no idea where in Poland they found this group of amateurs who created this mess, which lacked basic logic most of the time, turned Polish police into a bunch of idiots, and featured a main character who came off as a mix of James Bond, Casanova, Carrie Mathison, and the Terminator. An absolute disaster, saved only by the Tatra mountain scenery. / Lesson learned: If you ever think about visiting Lomnický štít, take a deep breath and think again. 1*- ()