Nicolas Cage esittää yliopistoprofessoria, joka alkaa ilmaantua satunnaisesti ihmisten uniin passiivisena oloneuvoksena. Tohvelisankari yrittää sivuuttaa selittämättömät tapahtumat olankohautuksella, mutta media päättääkin luoda hänestä ilmiön. (Cinemanse)

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englanti Borgli has great ideas, but he’s not able to bring them to fruition. Compared to Sick of Myself, which was irritatingly aggressive and stupid, his new film is slightly more refined. In the first half, which concentratedly works with simplicity, awkwardness and an acting masterclass on the part of Cage, it’s even one of the best black comedies that I’ve seen recently. Unfortunately, when Borgli spreads his wings and starts satirising cancel culture and the influencer vacuum through dreams, the film suddenly comes across as completely clueless and toothless. Fortunately, Cage’s professor is such a fascinating and ambiguous character, whose guilt consists primarily in thinly disguised egoism, that the film never completely falls apart. But where it was supposed to punch you in the mouth, it rather just dissipates and leaves behind the odour of the nervous fart in the film’s unquestionably best scene. ()


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englanti Well, I must be dreaming! I once got scolded for something I did or said in a dream... Interesting premise, skillful execution, albeit with a slightly underwhelming ending, and most importantly, Nicolas Cage's big comeback. Kristoffer Borgli does a great job with modern trends and the fickleness of human favour. I was expecting some sort of climax towards the end, a lingering denouement rather than a reconciliatory epilogue. A possible prequel to Nolan's Inception? ()



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englanti After a long time, Nicolas Cage stars in something that is not in entertaining or a crazy B-movie, but a serious drama from the A24 studio, and is probably something few people expected. Dream Scenario has a very original thought-provoking concept. The main character starts appearing in people's dreams out of nowhere and becomes a viral phenomenon. As a professor, he desired fame and attention, so he is happy about it. But then he starts appearing to people in nightmares and Cage becomes hated by society. It is a pretty scary idea that something he is not responsible for could ruin his life. This is all fine, just a shame that there were very few of those dream sequences themselves (which are quite good), they could have taken up more time. I didn't find it funny at all, so I don't understand the comedy classification. Cage plays naturally, and since he is a professor, he has intelligent dialogues. It's a shame that in the end, when there could have been a significant twist, nothing happens, it just fizzles out. It is an interesting film that deserves attention, but I could imagine it being more audience-friendly. I would rate it between 3-4 stars, but this time I lean towards three. 65% ()


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englanti For the vast majority of the film's running time I was excitedly thinking that I must be dreaming, it can't be that good. And "I can't believe it" was also what I said during the epilogue, but in a completely different sense. After all, it's not possible that one and the same person is able to write a concept like Kaufman, direct it like Gondry, and then send the whole thing down the drain because he figured he'd get away with it (when he didn't need to) with a final 15-minute epilogue from a different cupboard, one with unused ideas from a dozen Black Mirror episodes, and he just pulled out the worst possible option on a whim. That the same creator thought “yeah, this is a good ending” still boggles my mind. A satirical mirror-setting, a family drama about the breakup of a family, a more-than-successful Freddy origin story, a pint-sized comedy working brilliantly with the awkwardness of the moment, the Jung in us and you. It works on all levels. The plot, however fanciful, unfolds on a believable ground level of "yeah, this is how it could be if it were happening". One of the films of the year diluted (read shattered) by an eye-rolling conclusion. ()


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englanti “The best film of the year with a perfect and original idea and great acting by Nicolas Cage. The dictionary definition of an A24 film, a well-directed piece with impeccable comedic timing, but one that can also strike a darker chord," that’s what I would have written if they hadn't strangely switched gears in the final fifteen minutes – after the school play scene – and the film hadn't fizzled out. It's a shame and I can't quite explain it, the ending really feels like Borgli ran out of time and didn't manage to write and film the climax the rest of the film deserved. Still, I'll burn a five star rating, I've been rather stingy with them this year and Dream Scenario towers high above the usual surrounding stuff despite the stumble. PS: Kristoffer Borgli is the discovery of the year for me – I recommend his previous film Sick of Myself, which is also about a man who craves attention, and in a bizarre way gets it. ()

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