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englanti Weird, wicked and irradiated, i.e. the more Ghoul, the more fun. I considered the ridiculous Westworld to be collective cognitive dissonance and thus I didn’t expect much from Fallout. But hey, it not only doesn’t hurt anything, but it’s also pleasantly illuminating. The funny blend of creepy western, futuretro slapstick and narrative sci-fi has a cheerfully fitting tone grounded in the main aesthetic pillars of the games and creating its own origin story. Yeah, the first half is significantly better and the last three episodes, which suddenly start to form epic arcs, are a bit prone to throwing out clichés. But nothing fatal. The Ghoul and Norm are great characters, Lucy has potential and Maximus isn’t annoying. I’m very satisfied and I look forward to the next trek through the wasteland.

Civil War

POMOCivil War(2024) 

englanti It was clear that Garland wasn’t going to make a blockbuster out of this. However, it wasn’t clear what his masterful balancing between reality and dimensions beyond human perception would bring to a film that is supposed to stand solely on raw realism. Civil War contains grand scenes with tanks and helicopters, but without a cinematographic concept of the kind that Alfonso Cuarón employed in Children of Men and which would be needed here. At its core, Civil War is merely an intimate road movie spanning a broken America as it follows a team of three seasoned journalists and their novice colleague, whose innocence stands in contrast to their experience and professional detachment. Our question of why such a young girl would be doing such work is immediately answered for us: “I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. And I've never felt more alive.” ___ Civil War avoids sentiment and the dark tone of the story is lightened by the use of American pop oldies, but it lacks the artistic optics that we like Garland for in the first place. The film should me made up entirely of terrifying scenes, but it contains only one, which reflects the one-dimensional thinking of America’s redneck population and features a standout performance by Jesse Plemons. The director amplifies the rawness not with dark instrumental music, but with the intense sound of gunfire. And even though the film is compelling and engaging thanks to its characters, it lacks refined and unexpected conflicts, as well as an intellectual reach that would go beyond warning us about Donald Trump. And the climax is literally ridiculous.

Immaculate - Tahraton

EvilPhoEniXImmaculate - Tahraton(2024) 

englanti Compared to The Omen it's as expected two levels worse, but it has my sympathy for the R-rating – had it been PG-13 I'd go for maybe a 2. Sydney Sweeney looks ordinary for the first time, she doesn't show her beautiful boobs in a mini dress and has no make up, she's no sex goddess, but an ordinary girl. Visually it's pretty average, the story is ordinary, though I appreciate it's not a ghost story, but it goes in a slightly different direction. The jump-scares didn't work for me, but the bit of gore was nice. All in all a watchable average but easily forgettable. 5/10.

Vincent doit mourir

EvilPhoEniXVincent doit mourir(2023) 

englanti A dense psychological thriller with an original concept. The story revolves around Vincent, a very ordinary guy who works in an office, but all of a sudden he is attacked by random people who want to murder him and he has to adapt to a new lifestyle. Danger lurks at every turn and he learns that there are more like him. Vincent is literally living a nightmare where no one can be trusted – even small children will want to kill him. It's clever, it's pulled off by the lead actor's performance, it's got quite a disturbing atmosphere, it's entertaining, and the ending builds to a finale of apocalyptic proportions that was pleasantly gritty. A French metaphor for violence in society and I enjoyed it. It's a shame the film leaves questions unanswered, I certainly wouldn't be angry for a twist here. 75%

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Kaksoissynti

StanislausAgatha Christie's Poirot - Kaksoissynti(1990) 

englanti In Double Sin, it is Captain Hastings who uncharacteristically takes up the investigation of the case, while Poirot pretends to be retired, for which he has his own (somewhat ulterior) reasons – but even so, the grey cells of his brain do not rest, as Miss Lemon, searching for her lost keys, could tell you. And it doesn't really matter that there's no murder in this episode, because a simple heist can be just as attractive and well-executed.

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Halvan huoneiston seikkailu

StanislausAgatha Christie's Poirot - Halvan huoneiston seikkailu(1990) 

englanti Compared to The Incredible Theft, which also had a gangster-spy feel, I was a bit more interested in The Adventure of the Cheap Flat. I liked Poirot's allusions to the American police and the fact that he wasn't afraid to act on his own. The icing on the cake was a nicely done sequence set in New York, referring to old spy films from the 1930s, and next to that the character of the wacky owner of the Black Cat club.



englanti "People may say I can't sing, but no one can ever say I didn't sing." Florence Foster Jenkins is a film that particularly benefits from the amazing cast and the subject matter itself. Meryl Streep is a great actress and only confirms her qualities as "the most fabulous singer of all time" – the comparison with the musical Mamma Mia! is obvious when it comes to Meryl's singing. Hugh Grant pleasantly surprised me with his performance and proved that he can play a more serious note alongside the womanizing Daniel from Bridget Jones's Diary. Alongside this, I must also mention Simon Helberg, who added to the humour with his dumbed-down grin (in a good way, of course). This brings me to the fact that both the comedic and dramatic aspects of the film worked great. When Florence started singing during her regular rehearsals or in front of an audience, it instantly put a smile on my face, helped by the other actors. In contrast, there is a dramatic line that balances out that lightness – whether it's Florence's illness or her boundless desire to sing or her alternative relationship with her husband. I have to confess that before this film I had no idea Florence Foster Jenkins existed, which is perhaps a bit of a shame. In short, a well-made biopic about an extraordinary woman who made history precisely by standing out from the crowd with her extravagance and unmistakable singing – even if it was awful.

The Shallows

StanislausThe Shallows(2016) 

englanti The Shallows is qualitatively comparable to Deep Blue Sea and The Reef, although each film is a little different, but they all have one thing in common, a fight to the death against a bloodthirsty shark. While both of the aforementioned are about a bunch of multiple people, The Shallows is essentially a one-woman-show (+ one loyal seagull), so we only have time to focus on Blake Lively, whom I find exceedingly likeable, and I was really rooting for her. The film definitely benefits from a shorter running time, and since the tension is spread out just right, it doesn't have a chance to get boring. The shark was quite well done, as was the dead whale, whose incorporation into the plot was imaginative. All in all, a decent survival drama that gets a bit more wild towards the end in terms of plot progression, but what the hell, it is a pleasantly suspenseful eighty minutes.

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Kaapattu pääministeri

StanislausAgatha Christie's Poirot - Kaapattu pääministeri(1990) 

englanti I honestly didn't enjoy The Kidnapped Prime Minister, especially because they were dabbling too much in politics and war, which I never really enjoyed. In this case, I'd even be grateful for some of murder that didn't get happen, as personally I just prefer my grey brain cells to agonize over a murder that's preceded by a compelling motive.

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Lännen tähden seikkailu

StanislausAgatha Christie's Poirot - Lännen tähden seikkailu(1990) 

englanti The Adventure of the Western Star is one of the more mediocre cases of the mustachioed Belgian. Personally, I find that most episodes that only involve stealing and escaping are qualitatively weaker than those that involve murder (my subjective opinion). A plus point would be the line with Poirot's chops and his fan obsession with a Belgian star, whom of course only he knows.

Voyage of the Unicorn

StanislausVoyage of the Unicorn(2001) 

englanti When we still had Hallmark at home, I saw Voyage of the Unicorn at least once every two months. It wasn't one of my favorite TV movies, (I count Merlin in particular among them), but I still watched it from time to time. Nowadays, it comes across as too TV-ish for me, unfortunately in a bad way. In my opinion, what hurts the film the overkill and the attempt to please a particularly child audience, which was especially reflected in the bullshit and at times uncomfortably affected acting of the characters, whom I didn't find particularly likable, which was especially true of the Minotaur, Malaki and some of the trolls. The production design, make-up and visual effects weren't too bad under the circumstances, but as I said, there are better Hallmark films out there.

Jason and the Argonauts

StanislausJason and the Argonauts(2000) 

englanti Iason and the Argonauts is one of the less successful TV films from Hallmark's production, brought to its knees mainly by weak acting and a failed parody of Greek myths, which mostly affected Hercules, Orpheus and Zeus and Hera. The visual effects and production design are the typical TV standard, but there’s better (such as Merlin). The big minus of the film also lies in the unlikeable main character, whom you cannot possibly root for. The only actors who were worth anything were Dennis Hopper and Frank Langella. The film, rather than being at least a mediocre take on the old myths, caricatures them

The Gift

StanislausThe Gift(2010) 

englanti Visually, a very decent short from the "near" future, with the winter exteriors of Moscow and the robot's monotone expression adding to its rawness.

Orientation Day

StanislausOrientation Day(2010) 

englanti Even a graphic and informative instructional video about the dangers at Gru's factory can't avert another potential disaster when alarmed and chaotic minions are on the scene. The simple equation here is: minion + bomb = very big problem.

Infinite Memory

StanislausInfinite Memory(2010) 

englanti As far as the execution is concerned, it is a very simple piece, in which words like reincarnation and Hitler are heard in the space of two minutes, from the mouths of little boys. Imaginatively simple!

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

StanislausGodzilla x Kong: The New Empire(2024) 

englanti It's interesting to see what direction American films about Godzilla, Kong and the other kaiju monsters involved have taken over the decade: While Gareth Edwards' Godzilla tried (and at times quite successfully) to add some artistic value, the current film about the giant lizard and an equally giant ape is essentially one big, mindless, ultra-action carnage where the main goal is to entertain the moviegoer - ideally one that filters out the human dialogue and focuses purely on the action. And thankfully, there's plenty of that action in New Empire, and while the logic often gets lost underneath the colourful visuals, the film can be forgiven for that, as it doesn't even pretend to be a deep reflection on the titans' relationship with humans and with themselves. The film's lower budget is quite noticeable in places, which is a shame – I felt this most acutely with Scar King. I also could have done without the characters of the "amateur grand-dentist" and Mr. Conspirator, whom I found somewhat redundant. But if you accept the rules of a film in which anything can happen (literally, really) – the "anti-gravity sequence" speaks for itself – you will certainly not be bored in the cinema.

Irish Wish

StanislausIrish Wish(2024) 

englanti Janeen Damian must have made a resolution to revive the career of fallen star Lindsay Lohan with some sort of American variation of stories in the style of Rosamunde Pilcher, Inga Lindström etc. After Falling for Christmas, we move to the other end of the rainbow, to the wonderland of Ireland. The film's gorgeous exteriors unfortunately suffer under the weight of a heavily predictable plot that doesn't try for any surprises, and just moves on predictably, only for us to discover in the end (unexpectedly!) that every inner wish has its pitfalls. Irish Wish is a very unpretentious movie for an evening for which you have no better plan than to turn off your brain for ninety minutes in front of Netflix.

Le Dernier Jaguar

StanislausLe Dernier Jaguar(2024) 

englanti After the animal adventures of Mia and the White Lion and The Wolf and the Lion, Gilles de Maistre comes up with a third very similar piece, which, unlike the aforementioned two, left me cold and indifferent to the action on the screen. Although Autumn and the Black Jaguar deals with similar themes – the relationship between humans and animals, the unexpected friendships between them, the abuse and hunting of animals – it is presented in such a futile way that it is disappointing. Additionally, I felt like the film lacked any backstory due to the relationship between Ella's father and teacher. Thus, script-wise, this is a reprehensibly disnjointed film.



englanti Contemplation of life and death by talking to Death, embodied by a digital bird – sometimes small enough to fit in your ear and sometimes as big as a movie monster. And that’s just the beginning. The initial wonder of “what kind of film is this?" gradually subsides, giving rise to a predictable allegory of saying goodbye to a loved one and coming to terms with their loss. But why did the film’s creator choose such a naïve and childishly literal path? Similar to the flop Three Thousand Years of Longing, Tuesday is a bizarre, fantastical film that viewers may or may not like, as they see fit. [Miami FF]