Heroes Shed No Tears

  • Hongkong Heroes Shed No Tears (lisää)


Thai government hires group of Chinese mercenaries to capture powerful druglord from Golden Triangle. The mercenaries manage to capture the druglord, but his men are trying to set him free. (Film Movement)

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englanti If we put A Better Tomorrow 1&2, The Killer, Once a Thief, and Hard-Boiled in one bag called "John Woo's first-class action movies", then Heroes Shed No Tears would be his ultimate Hong Kong B-movie. This is a movie in which the main characters are on the way to bring an evil general to justice and meet all sorts of interest groups who are (A) trying to kill them; (B) trying to play dangerous games with them, or (C) trying to give them a Thai massage - it really is the artless dull naive spectacle you want to see from John Woo (if let off the leash). Constant action, streams of blood, childish drama, incredible pathos, casual sex, and comedic inserts, this movie has bits of everything. You'll be shaking your head at this movie every passing minute. ()

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