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Bill on ikääntyvä liikemies, jonka luona Kuolema eräänä kauniina päivänä vierailee. Välttyäkseen ikuisuudelta Bill tarjoaa Viikatemiehelle tilaisuutta kierrellä hiukan ihmisten maailmassa ja pitkittää siten omaa aikaansa maan päällä. Kuolema ottaa nimekseen Joe Black ja tutustuu uuteen asuinpaikkaansa. (MTV3)

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englanti Let’s face it, this was an overly sappy tearjerker, but I enjoyed the story on the whole. The cast was excellent, and the plot was thankfully miles away from Rosamund Pilcher's romances. And I mean nautical miles. When my cynical self took a break, and my rational self tuned out the streams of tears and romantic staring contests, I was left with a film that was quite enjoyable to watch. ()


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englanti An accomplished piece full of love, strong romance, and a pleasant feeling of intimacy and personal experience. Anthony Hopkins is captivating, Brad Pitt is merely average, but it was nothing unexpected. The plot is cleverly put together, and above all, the theme is interesting and original. It’s something that probably had never been done before, and Brest managed the uncharted waters exceedingly well. The running time is not an issue, and after the film ends, it leaves you with a pleasant feeling in your heart from three hours well spent watching this film. But you do need to accept certain rules of nobility, a slow pace, and intense emotions in advance. Only then is there a chance that this film about love and death will be enjoyed and leave the right impact. ()



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englanti Hopkins is excellent, Pitt's is stiff, he makes Death look more like a clown. Overall, it's not a bad film, but the sentimentality at the end is too much. ()


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englanti I am not surprised that the movie lasts for 178 minutes, when for example one love scene is unnecessarily stretched over almost 15 minutes. But that is probably the only downside of this movie. Otherwise it is a nice and dreamy piece; a huge amount of those was filmed in the nineties, but nowadays nobody cares about making new ones. ()


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englanti I wasn't worried about Anthony Hopkins, he's as great as ever, but a youthful Brad Pitt as Death? Well, at first it wasn't quite what I was looking for, and that almost comedic tone didn't quite suit me, but over time... What a transformation! Death was becoming more sympathetic to me until I liked him completely, and it was only after the film ended that I realized how Pitt actually played it perfectly, because that's how Death was supposed to be transformed. He was supposed to humanize himself as much as possible so that the magically sensitive, cultured and cleverly written story could turn out the way it turned out. Simply a beautiful film. With beautiful music by Thomas Newman. ()

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