Cameraman F. A. Brabec's directorial debut adapts Alfred Jarry's absurd drama in a manner emphasizing artistic stylization. With the help of popular stars (singer Lucie Bílá, and comedians Marián Labuda and Boleslav Polívka), the director managed an impressive rendering of the original work which highlights the ludicrousness of the utter victory of the churlish sovereign. (jakelijan virallinen teksti)


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englanti I don't think I'll ever see F. A. Brabec film a great action movie, even though I've experienced quite a lot in my life. The film has typical features of his work, i.e., excellent cinematography, artistic stylization, and a quality cast, but beyond that it falls short. Fans and connoisseurs of Alfred Jarry's work will probably suffer, and others will appreciate the absurdity of the story and its slapstick, although it is far from the quality of the original play. What stuck in my memory the most was Lucie Bílá with her film song. Overall impression: 55%. ()

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