An adaptation of the Henry James novella of the same name, Daisy Miller stars Cybill Shepherd as the title character, a beautiful American girl whose headstrong ways create quite a stir in European society during the 1800s. Drawn to European aristocrat Frederick Winterbourne (Brown) and the suave Italian Mr. Giovanelli (Del Prete), Daisy's American ways slowly clash with continental etiquette and concern her mother, Ms. Ezra B. Miller (Leachman), who tries to persuade her to act more like a proper lady. Ultimately snubbed by Roman high society, Daisy's un-ladylike conduct eventually ends in tragedy. (jakelijan virallinen teksti)


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englanti A weaker rewrite of Henry James' 1878 novel of the same name. Cybill Shepherd may not have been a bad choice, but Bogdanovich's film fails to convey even the most basic point, namely whether the story of the protagonist is interesting enough for the viewer to give it even a little thought. It's all so lifeless and amounts to period pictures full of actors in costume walking through the usual scenery. James' readers are often already pre-saturated with the typical situation - an American girl from a good family traveling in Europe and, by her nature, reacting to the hardships of her condition at the time. ()


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englanti I already managed to convince myself that Peter Bogdanovich was a great director in his time. That’s why I gave a chance to the story whose content reminded me of anything from Jane Austen… And that is not a good sign at all. However, Daisy Miller fulfilled what she promised. Cybill Shepherd enjoyed portraying the absolutely amazing lady, who isn’t dumb and has an interesting way of thinking about things. I almost felt as if Daisy lived in the world of Jane Austen but attempted a sort of revolt with her words, one that was quite successful. An interesting approach and proof that even I can find stories like this engaging. ()


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