A nostalgic comedy about an incorrigible dreamer, who doesn’t get along with his family and, despite his confidence in his ability to understand people, perpetually runs into trouble. The sorrowful evidence proving that overly trusting is risky, while living with none is impossible, and that old sins will always catch up with you. (Summer Film School)


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englanti Barbora Hlavsová in the 1980s and of course a prelude to the film Autumn Spring. I'm willing to add one * for the fact that Bohdalová didn't have a better role in FSB projects during normalization. So let's be glad for at least this prelude to the series Přítelkyně z domu smutku. ()


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englanti A beautifully poignant film in which I enjoyed everything, but most of all the genuine friendship between Vlastimil Brodský, Josef Kemr and Petr Čepek. I also liked the performances by Karel Heřmánek and Jiřina Bohdalová, but Jan Kraus's superb performance will stick in my mind. This is a brilliantly written, acted and directed film. What more could you ask for? ()



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englanti Melancholic sadness, accompanied by the awful screeching of eighties synth “music". It must’ve taken years to compose it just right for it not to be appropriate for even one darn scene. Too bad about the poor actors who try their best and the only thing the viewer gets are earsplitting screeches. Other than that, no complaints at all. ()

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