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Léon on voimakas, koskettava toimintadraama New Yorkissa asuvasta erakkomaisesta italialaisesta ammattitappajasta. Hän ystävystyy traumaattisia kokemuksia läpikäyneen 12-vuotiaan tytön, Mathildan, kanssa. Léonilla on ensimmäistä kertaa elämässään joku josta välittää. Mathilda osoittaa nopeasti kiinnostusta hänen ammattiaan kohtaan ja näkee tässä mahdollisuutensa oppia ja käyttää uusia taitojaan kostaakseen isänsä ja veljensä murhaajille. Ristiriita ammattitappajan,
joka hiljalleen on löytämässä kyvyn elää ja rakastaa, ja poliisin, joka on valmis tekemään mitä tahansa päästäkseen eroon silminnäkijästä, välillä kasvaa. Kaikki tämä pienen tytön vuoksi, jolla ei ole jäljellä melkeinpä mitään menetettävää. (SF Film Fin.)


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englanti I'm not a big fan of action movies, but Leon offers something much different and deeper besides shooting, blood and killing. Alongside the hunt for the bad guys, we get a glimpse of the strange but incredibly strong relationship between a young intellectual girl and a cold-blooded killer. And both of their lives will change completely from the ground up when they meet and start living together. This film excels especially in terms of acting. Jean Reno is simply a likable man with charisma to spare, who can play a ruthless "cleaner" as well as a caring "parent". Natalie Portman was already very talented at the time and her acting can be compared to child stars such as Haley Joel Osment or Abigail Breslin. Gary Oldman has always been good villain roles and this is no exception. In short, a wonderful cinematic gem from France that offers some pretty thrilling action scenes alongside the actors and a strong story. ()


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englanti During the flood of films of both better and worse quality, one rarely has the opportunity to return to what they have already seen, and I personally only do it with films that I remember as remarkable and strong. I saw this film during its premiere in the mid-90s, and even though I wasn't a teenager anymore, it impressed me as a cleverly and impressively directed popcorn movie with an excellent cast and an emotionally perfectly functioning screenplay. The film hasn't changed, but the genre has gone through rapid development, and above all, I have changed, so this kind of action genre doesn't affect me the way it did years ago. Nowadays, I prefer a dynamic and realistic style, like the one director Greengrass promotes, so my favorite films include the Bourne trilogy, Green Zone, and Blood DiamondLuc Besson's films are overly marked by the effort to cater to a mass audience, so they are naive, unrealistic, almost comic book-like, sometimes sentimental, and overall calculated. What remains is an excellent cast, with Jean Reno creating a star status for himself after a significant minor role in La Femme Nikita and being catapulted among the best French actors at a relatively mature age, and also gaining a few roles in Hollywood. Gary Oldman, on the other hand, created the wonderful character of a perversely debauched corrupt cop, who holds an honorable place in his gallery of villains. Young Natalie Portman also showed in this film why she would become a world-famous film celebrity in a few years. Overall impression: 55%. ()



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englanti The delicately portrayed yet wonderfully performed relationship between Reno and Portman is flawless. Besson stayed true to himself in his first Hollywood film and Leon retained his French esprit. Gary Oldman's performance as a psychopathic thug and lover of classical music is unforgettable. Eric Serra also outdid himself and created a lovely soundtrack (he forgot about it again in The Fifth Element). ()


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englanti After several screenings, it is no longer so captivating and action-packed, but rather a cute and touching film that never gets boring. Even with American action, Luc Besson maintains his European style and it is abundantly clear. The action is beautifully shot, incredibly clear, and the camera is unusually detailed. The backbone of the film is, of course, the relationship between the hitman Leon and twelve-year-old Mathilda. The surrounding world with all its elements and features only serves as boundaries through which the writer and director (in one person) navigate. Perhaps for that very reason, Leon is very far from a realistic action film, but it’s one that captures the heart. ()


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englanti Leon is one of those movies that is, as they say, “almost perfect". Besson beautifully dissects the relationship between “cleaner" Leon and a young girl, Mathilda, who got caught up in his simple live. He is supported by excellent acting performances from Jean Reno, the awfully cute Natalie Portman and a disgustingly nasty villain, Gary Oldman. An entertaining and sad story about revenge, about life, and about death. ()

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