Loki - Season 2

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englanti I had serious doubts that Loki would get a satisfying ending, but hats off. Why the title character does what he does was a mystery to me. The transformation from self-centered asshole to multiverse hero is ease and... a few thousand years later... quick. Hiddleston enjoys Loki immensely, especially in this new position as a TVA agent and not a god, but he manages to switch from comic goofing off to the Norse myth of Yggdrasil just fine. Majors is a chameleon of an actor, but he's still at his best in the position from the end of the first season. Wilson, Quan and Di Martino are all excellent, and each gets their space, but the exchanges between the two leads just aren't there. The middle episodes may be filler, but they are very important to character development and anyone who doesn't get that can safely lump themselves in with the Disney+ heads who wanted more and recruited the wimps who are to blame for the recent crap in the quality department. Quality, not quantity. Loki Season 2 shows that it can be done. Especially when smart execs like Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead take the reins. ()

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