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The film, based on actual events, tells the story of John Reed (Warren Beatty), American Communist, journalist and activist, whose love affair with writer/feminist Louise Bryant (Diane Keaton) unfolds against the explosive backdrop of the Russian Revolution. (jakelijan virallinen teksti)

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englanti Well, that's what you get when Hollywood celebrities play at being both fighters against the system and socialists. If the crazy runtime was shorter by 30 - I'm not kidding - 40 minutes, I would give it 3 stars, but even then I wouldn't be particularly satisfied. Warren Beatty couldn't avoid a series of downright boring passages, there is too much talking and too many meetings, and the cuts to all the old people are annoying. Besides, I've never been a fan of Warren Beatty. However, what really works is the presence of Diane Keaton, Woody Allen's muse for life. She is incredibly likable and is the driving force of the film. Overall impression: 40%. ()


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englanti Definitely an interesting political film, but it didn't blow me away as much because it's a political film, a genre I don't actively seek out. The acting is superb, but what's even more interesting is the excellent direction and the use of cuts with testimonies from real personalities. Surprisingly, it works, also as a plot-forming element. ()



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englanti The killer length of Reds was saved primarily by Diane Keaton, not only with her acting but also with her soulful beauty. Perhaps nowhere else did she look better. Warren Beatty, in my opinion, bit off too big a bite, which got stuck in his throat somewhere in the middle of the film. It was surprising that he managed to make it to the end. I am referring mainly to his writing and directing work, but I can't fault him as an actor. (60%) ()

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