Miamilaispoliisit Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) ja Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) kuuluvat taktiseen huumeyksikköön, joka saa vihiä suuresta ekstaasilähetyksestä. He löytävät silti vain kaksi pussia ekstaasia. Kuubalainen huumediileri Johnny Tapia tuo Floridaan suuria ekstaasilasteja Amsterdamista ja vie voittorahoja Kuubaan. Marcusin sisar Syd (Gabrielle Union) tulee käymään Miamissa ja kertoo olevansa töissä huumevalvontavirastossa paperitöissä. Oikeasti Syd on Miamissa salaisessa tehtävässä hankkimassa todisteita Tapian huumekaupoista ja rahanpesusta. Marcus ei tiedä myöskään sitä, että Syd ja Mike tapailivat toisiaan New Yorkissa Miken käydessä siellä työmatkalla, eikä Mike uskalla kertoa Marcusille siitä. Mukana menossa on lisäksi venäläismafian Alexei (Peter Stormare) ja joukko haitilaisryöväreitä... (Nordisk Film Fin.)


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englanti With the second Bad Boys, Michael Bay returned to where he belongs. After all, action-packed, wisecracking relax movies are what he does best. And when he returned, he took two Miami cops from the narcotics unit, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence). Too bad that the screenplay gets lost in a sea of flawless action, interspersed with wisecracks from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, but nothing’s ever perfect. Bay makes up for this with crazy scenes in the morgue or bodies falling out of cars (I hope you won’t think I’m crazy when I admit that I almost died laughing in the movie theater). I think I wouldn’t mind if we were treated to a part three that’s at least similarly good. ()


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englanti Very weak for Michael Bay’s standards, with tons of awkward dialogues that hinder an otherwise decently started storyline. The director covers up all the holes in the script with what he does best, breathtaking action. But even that has its flaws. The shootout at the intersection is practically a weaker copy of Mann's shootout outside the bank in Heat, with the same camera positions, the same shots, etc. Bay, of course, cuts much more disproportionately and the camera filters reduce the dose of reality to a minimum, but that's not the point here. Martin Lawrence is traditionally awkward, but we're already used to that. Annoyingly American crap. Movies like this won't make a great name for the current Hollywood film industry... ()



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englanti A depraved, vulgar, hyper-destructive fetish for “modern audiences”, filmed with a retarded screenplay on the table and ecstasy on the brain. Bad Boys II is funnier and more electrifying than Bad Boys, but it’s also dirtier, more hectic and more chaotic. That includes the action scenes, which are far from the elegance of those in The Rock, with the exception of the car chase on the bridges of Miami, which is one of the best in the genre. Joe Pantoliano cuts the most comical figure, though he is unfortunately given very little space. It’s also a shame about the unused potential of the Russian slimeball played by Peter Stormare. The main bad guy is OK. Overall, Bad Boys II is VERY funny and brisk in some places, and utterly dumb and dull entertainment in other places. Michael Bay unleashed and stripped of any sense of proportion. Woosa! Three and a half stars. ()


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englanti I'm not a racist, but the Hollywood nigga-macho archetype is really getting on my nerves. And when the two come together, they get an arsenal of stupid catchphrases, designer clothes, and a flimsy story about drug dealers... Well, what's going to come of it? An incredibly simple film with great action sequences. I would like to narrow the film down to them, avoid unnecessary interludes and "humorous" speeches by both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Two stars for Michael Bay's traditionally great direction, a thoroughbred edit and a colorful camera. Which, unfortunately, doesn't mean you can watch Bad Boys II with your brain online. ()


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englanti Bay is perfectly in tune with the xenophobic mood of America in recent years. Bad Boys II is an adrenaline rush that gives me the willies. And what about Martin Lawrence?......."No worries. You and I are just cocky badass cops and the rest of you are =CENSORED= that we can mash to a pulp, trash whatever we can get our hands on and don't give a shit about the law. All foreigners are scum, we don't give a fuck about the corpses in the morgue, it's not our bodies, is it? Running over dead bodies from the morgue, that's fun, nigga, ain't it? And the Cubans? They're subhumans, such human trash, I'd be happy to bulldoze over their shacks, I don't give a shit that there might be some people there, they're such commie scum."..... "And don't you think, Martin, that a little self-reflection might do some good?"...... "What the =CENSORED= are you talking about? A lot of people liked it, even KevSpa was thrilled! If you ain’t up for it, why do you watch action movies?”... “You’re wrong, Martin. I love action movies. I just don't like your tough-boy pose, and you in particular piss me off, I'd say you missed your calling."...... "FUCK YOU, MAN!!!!"...... "Oh, and one more thing. In an action flick, I need to relate to the protagonist at least a bit. That ain’t happening with you two. In fact, I really wish someone would kick your asses. Especially Bay’s."......."=CENSORED=. =CENSORED="..."Come on, Martin, don’t be mad."...... ()

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