Miles Monroe has been cryogenically frozen for 100 years. When he's illegally awakened, he discovers he's a wanted criminal in world that has drastically changed from the one he left behind. (jakelijan virallinen teksti)

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englanti This is one of those early Woody Allen comedies that is bursting with energy and a huge supply of various catchphrases and gags. In terms of the compactness of all the film's components, it may not be his best work, but for the torrent of humor, irony, and exaggeration, I can't go below an overall impression of 90%. Woody Allen may not understand sci-fi, but that's not important at all because the backdrop of the future world for him is only a starting point for situational and verbal humor. It is one of those films where I still carry a number of scenes and phrases in my memory, and when I need to get in the right mood, I think about them. ()


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englanti First of all, excellent and unceasing entertainment. Allen rages like a madman, dominating every scene with his deranged expression, never letting the viewer breathe for a moment. When we're not laughing at his unconventional vision of the future, which is literally bursting with original ideas and plays with many of the social customs of the time, we're guaranteed to get some of the unforgettable lines that are spouted at us from all sides throughout the film. Besides, the amazing sci-fi touch adds a whole new dimension, with Allen's crazy concept perfectly in place, and some scenes are so brilliantly thought out and, most importantly, acted, that I might have burst out laughing if I hadn't laughed out loud at the same time. It doesn’t matter that the story isn't that cutting edge when someone with such imagination is at the helm. ()



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englanti "New York Times, 1990: The Pope's Wife Gave Birth to Twins" or Allen's satirical sci-fi parody of anything. I was especially charmed by the action scenes filmed in the style of classic slapstick, which were really excellent, and I also liked Allen's silent comedy in the part when he pretended to be a robot servant. There were plenty of downright boring spots, but what the heck, it was there. Still, I give it four pure stars. ()


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englanti How else than making fun of everything possible. Woody, characteristically, pokes fun at various political views and at the same time pays tribute to his favorite genre of non-primordial grotesque with a transcendence. Moreover, when I joyfully watch their first directed collaboration with Diane and savor their situational humor, I am enthusiastic as usual. ()


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englanti Excellent sci-fi parody, irresistibly stylish and crazy. What is fascinating is the way Allen dishonors hints of Orwellianism in the theme and how he breaks any chance of any adventure of the plot. Indeed, the "action" sequences, conceived as grotesques, are excellent, as are the ubiquitous ridiculous edges through which Allen parodies "existing" ones through "future" ones. It's intelligent, it's crazy, and yes... in places it's a bit boring and clueless... nevertheless! The sparks of scripted and directorial wit are really worth it. It is strange how what Sleeper makes fun of (whether in terms of genre or socially) has remained current after thirty years. That's why Allen's contribution to the sci-fi genre can still be viewed without the aftertaste of old-fashioned language. ()

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