The Navigator

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Rikas ja impulsiivinen Rollo Treadway päättää kosia kaunista seurapiirinaapuriaan Betsy O’Brienia. Vaikka Betsy torjuu Rollon, hän päättää silti lähteä risteilylle, jonka hän aikoi tehdä heidän häämatkakseen. Kun Rollo ja Betsy joutuvat olosuhteiden pakosta väärälle laivalle, he joutuvat seikkailemaan avomerellä. (SMD Entertainment)

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englanti The Navigator doesn't reach the quality of The General and is a much simpler slapstick where the plot unfolds for about five minutes and the rest is just a comedy show (this time on a boat), but still serves a generous portion of inventive and timeless fun. Whether the order of the day is simply running around the deck, finding a safe and comfortable berth, repairing the ship from the outside (which is one of the highlights of Buster's comedy) or fending off the attacks of natives, Keaton's acting and, especially at the end, the very creative direction (the scene where Rollo runs out of oxygen underwater and his love is held captive by cannibals on land) do not leave the viewer bored for a moment. The deux ex machina ending is a bit weak, but not enough to ruin it. ()


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englanti Boat dining, night hauntings, underwater propeller repair, swordfighting (with swordfish), rescue from cannibals, fireworks shenanigans... In short, one idea after another and Buster Keaton in top form. Pity about the slower start. ()


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