In the small village of Trincamp, François Perrin gets kicked off the soccer team and asked to leave his work in the factory. He is put in jail for a rape he didn't commit and subsequently pardoned. He is hired in an important game and by scoring the winning goal suddenly becomes a big hero. However he has not forgotten his past or how the leading citizens used to scorn him. So Perrin uses his new won fame to pave the way for revenge. (Cannes Film Festival)


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englanti A surprisingly clever, well-cast comedy that is to some extent about soccer, but primarily about human characters and distorted conditions in a small provincial town where everyone knows each other and one big entrepreneur who also owns the soccer club, decides essentially on everything for the amusement of the plebs. With its dark humor and exemplary display of the pettiness of its antiheroes, the film somewhat reminded me of Forman's well-known movie The Firemen's Ball, albeit without the political dimension, of course. Jean-Jacques Annaud just missed out on a fifth star, it just needed a little more quality of the dialogues and a few gags in the slower passages. Hothead is a comedy that is mainly based on a witty and solid screenwriting idea. Overall impression: 85%. ()

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