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Vuonna 1878 englantilainen karjatilanpitäjä John Tunstall (Terence Stamp) ottaa kuusi nuorta ja ruokotonta cowboyta siipiensä suojaan. Heidän johtajallaan William H. Bonneylla (Emilio Estevez) on liipaisinsormi herkässä – hänet tunnetaankin paremmin nimellä Billy the Kid. (SMD Entertainment)

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englanti The fact that a few young actors came together in the film, who played significant roles in the American entertainment industry in the following decades, is true. However, it is also true that neither the screenplay nor the direction is commendable. I understand that Estevez's character is attractive and entertaining, but the final siege of a handful of desperados by the American army is so exaggerated that it reminds me of the eternal problem of Soviet war films - how many German armored divisions supported by the Luftwaffe are needed to defeat two Soviet partisans - and therefore it forces me to deduct from the average three stars. I don't like this type of exaggeration and complete detachment from reality. Overall impression: 45%. ()

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