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Anyone But You on särmikäs komedia, jossa Bea (Sydney Sweeney) ja Ben (Glen Powell) näyttävät täydelliseltä parilta, mutta kuumien ensitreffien jälkeen jokin muuttaa suhteen jääkylmäksi. Kun he yllättäen kohtaavat uudelleen matkalla samoihin häihin Australiaan, he joutuvat toimimaan kuten ketkä tahansa kaksi kypsää aikuista: teeskentelemään olevansa pari. (SF Studios Fin.)


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englanti Anyone But You could easily be confused with any American romantic comedy, of which there is a plethora in the cinema every year. It's predictable cliché, with some outrageous overacting (the characters of the parents, for example), yet I quite enjoyed this (with its now almost mandatory LGBTQ, multicultural cast) in the cinema, partly due to the humorously parodic winking at Titanic or the sped-up version of Chris Hemsworth from Wish. ()


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englanti Romcoms are back! Take two extremely likable and young Hollywood rising stars with great chemistry, stuff it with humour, make it not just an emotional romantic blackmail and this recipe can't go wrong, and judging by the decent box office returns it worked. Never mind that in terms of plot it is nothing write home about, but it has a very feel good vibe, I love Sydney Sweeney (that cleavage of hers oh my God!) and Glen Powell is a likeable guy here too. The humour works, the emotions worked for me at the end and it's definitely a film I'll be happy to watch with the ladies. Enjoyable stuff. 8/10. ()


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