Kun nuori amerikkalaisnainen lähetetään Roomaan omistamaan elämänsä kirkolle, tapaa hän pimeyden, joka saa hänet kyseenalaistamaan uskonsa. Samalla paljastuu myös kauhistuttava salaliitto, jonka päämääränä on pahan ruumiillistuman syntymä. (Walt Disney Nordic Fin.)

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englanti The best religious horror ever, the best prequel ever, and without question the best mainstream horror genre stuff of the year. It was beginning to look like all horror movies with nuns were doomed, as few have managed to climb to at least above average, but this prequel to The Omen is a flash in the pan that is, above all else, also a great film rather than just a run-of-the-mill horror movie. It's got a wonderful period setting in 70's Rome. The setting is really very crucial to the whole film, great craftsmanship, amazing music, perfect acting – Nell Tiger Free is a great discovery, she is amazing, and the scene with the awakening of the demon in her body is downright Oscar-worthy. I enjoyed the plot, which is well thought out, the twists work, where the crucial one is quite shocking. It has a great dark atmosphere and steamy horror sequences. The triple suicide- jump-burn-hanging is perfection. There are two very unpleasant car crashes, one disgustingly creepy vision of a mutilated nun, two insane births that almost earned the film an NC-17 rating, well a blast that made me very happy. Uncomfortable feelings about horror for the first time in a while. Mission accomplished baby. 85%. ()

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