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Work hard. Fail hard. Kaksi yksityisyrittäjää, haparoiva keksijä Mike Lazaridis (Jay Baruchel) ja laskelmoiva myyntimies Jim Ballsillie (Glenn Howerton), yhdistävät voimansa lanseeratakseen vempaimen, josta tulisi maailmanlaajuinen menestys raketin nopeudella. Mutta älypuhelinten vallankumous saavuttaa heidät huipulla. (Elävän kuvan keskus ELKE)

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englanti I've found that I have quite a soft spot for this kind of drama, and Blackberry is another fine addition. This year in particular has been a roaring success, whether it's this the excellent Tetris or Air, and I’m not forgetting Social Network, Steve Jobs and The Founder. Blackberry may have the most TV-quality visuals of the bunch, it doesn't have a strong cast, and it's very much retro, but it's still an entertaining piece of work, with no shortage of humour, and strong performances – Glenn Howerton in particular is great, and he entertains throughout the heyday and subsequent fall with Apple's arrival on the scene. It was fun. I enjoyed the references to older games and also the wink to well-known big companies (NHL, Nintendo, Motorola, Misrosoft, etc.).7/10. ()


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englanti It feels like a feature-length cut of a five-star miniseries. Fortunately, a very successful cut that flies the world through the rise and fall of the BlackBerry and the people around it. Lately, there's been a rash of these types of dramas, but this is among the best. ()


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