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Yhdeksi kaikkien aikojen parhaista komedioista ylistetty, viiden Oscar®in ehdokas – mm. Paras elokuva – kertoo armeijan kirurgeista, jotka kehittelevät sangen sairaalloiset elämäntavat kyetäkseen käsittelemään päivittäin kohtaamiaan kauheuksia armeijan liikkuvassa kenttäsairaalassa Korean sodan aikana. Vaikka ääliöryhmä on erittäin ammattitaitoinen ja työlleen omistautunut, se ei estä heitä tekemään armeijan byrokratiasta hakkelusta. (SF Film Fin.)


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englanti The big problem with Robert Altman's M*A*S*H is that the vast majority of viewers saw it only after becoming fans of the famous TV series. While the series took inspiration from Altman's film, it is a completely different style, format, and genre. So, those looking for the pleasant humor of the TV series will be quite disappointed. The TV M.A.S.H was a mainstream affair, a pleasant break with an anti-war message, designed for the broadest audience, whereas Altman created a cynical film about the misery that war leaves on people. As a comedy, it doesn't work very well in my opinion, but as an absurd war story about people frustrated by the insane conditions they must endure, it's a strong piece. The main character is a cynic who just wants to have fun, survive, and forget. He's simply not the likable guy we know from the series. Overall impression: 60%. ()


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englanti If I had seen the movie first, it probably would have had more impact on me than when I saw the series first. But the series is simply more timeless; it still works, and its jokes survive where those in the movie lose relevance as time progresses. Nevertheless, the film is still a quality watch, but it doesn't have the same fantastic appeal as the series. I was surprised that the character Radar is still portrayed by the same actor. ()



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englanti The M*A*S*H film is almost two hours long, a sequence of various scenes and skits, so one simply cannot help but feel that the serial format is better suited for it. Fortunately, though, the sequence is so interesting, as dry as a Hawkeye martini, and chillingly realistic during the bloody operating room scenes, that it holds the viewer's attention even during the somewhat drawn-out second half. The cast is also one of a kind and Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould, Sally Kellerman and Roger Bowen are all up to par with their series counterparts. It's a great pity, however, that Robert Duvall's Frank disappears so quickly. Three and a half. ()

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