Sillä aikaa toisessa universumissa… Genren tyypillisestä elokuvasta poikkeava Madame Web kertoo yhden Marvelin arvoituksellisimman sankarittaren syntytarinan. Jännitysvetoisen trillerin pääosassa nähdään Dakota Johnson manhattanilaisena ensihoitaja Cassandra Webbinä, jolle ilmaantuu selvänäkijän kykyjä. Hän joutuu kohtaamaan paljastuksia menneisyydestään ja luo yhteyden kolmeen nuoreen naiseen, joiden kohtalona on mahtava tulevaisuus…jos he vain selviytyvät kuolemanvaarallisesta nykyhetkestä. (SF Studios Fin.)


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englanti Madame Web is like those porn parodies of superhero movies, but someone cut all the sex out of it, leaving only crappy visual effects, terrible actors and ridiculous dialogue. ()


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englanti I like films to reflect the time in which they are set by the way they are made. For example, Madam Web is set in 2003, which is also the year of the infamous Daredevil, which was very similarly bad, but better in that it at least had a coherent plot and not many people remember it anymore. Madame Web, on the other hand, is a fresh comic book flick. It makes no sense, it's boring, at best bizarre, at best unintentionally funny, but that's up to the audience's benevolence. I was initially entertained harmlessly, the film promising me in the first half hour or so that it would focus on Cassandra as well as the Parker family, that it would tell us something about Spider-Man's parents, uncle and aunt that we didn't know or hadn't seen, and that Madame Web would play some significant role in their fates. But alas. I'm not sure why, but the writers decided to flick the proverbial switch to another, ultimately literally dead-end track full of clichés and dullness. ()



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englanti What a weird Pepsi commercial... Sony continues to make C-rated comic book crap that seems to ignore everything blockbuster filmmakers have learned in the last twenty years, and instead proudly follow on the footsteps of films like Catwoman. Some of the creative choices here are utterly incomprehensible in terms of cinematography, sound and editing (the terrible CGI is not worth talking about), but the script and the way the story is told, that's a treat. For some reason, almost all the flashbacks in the film are repeated exactly twice without exception, and everything that is clearly explained visually has to be recited out loud by one of the characters for good measure. Always. In short, Sony thinks its audience are complete morons, and even then it doesn't make any better sense. At least Morbius was more fun. ()

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