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englanti The brilliant opening story with Jaroslav Marvan and Jan Tříska set the bar so unprecedentedly high that it was virtually impossible to surpass it. This great dramatic story about a master and his apprentice fighting for their lives in the tower of a Prague church is a superb example of filmmaking and acting. I wasn't breathing. The other short stories are not bad at all either - the only unfortunate thing was the one with Vlastimil Brodsky and Valentina Thielová, which I found to be a bit unfinished. The film concluded with a story with Luděk Munzar and Karla Chadimová - although it is in black and white, it is a stunningly colorful and sunny tale with a beautifully captivating atmosphere conjured up thanks to the music of Jiří Sternwald. I'm more than satisfied. ()

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