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Nestled away in wintry East Anatolia, public-school art teacher Samet yearns to leave the sleepy village for cosmopolitan Istanbul. Further disenchanted when he and Kenan, a colleague, come under public scrutiny, Samet fears circumstances will keep him in Anatolia and his dreams of a new life permanently out of reach. A silver lining is a budding relationship with Nuray, a fellow teacher and firebrand who develops connections with both Samet and Kenan, forcing Samet to confront what he can’t readily accept. (Janus Films)


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englanti About Dry Grasses is an extremely complex and layered film-novel containing numerous themes – from a teacher’s abuse of power from a position of authority to an intellectual-love triangle – which overlap without any of them being clearly dominant. All of the film’s components, including the detail-oriented directing, the surgically precise screenplay and the fantastic cinematography, which in long shots frequently captures toiling characters and their long, lively exchanges of dialogue, creating an extremely pliable and realistic world that completely absorbs the viewer. It’s just necessary to get used to the company of the misanthropic and morally dubious protagonist and the omnipresent, extremely cynical tone towards humanity. ()

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