Suzanne, the wife of the banker Le Marwille, is bored. Her husband seems to behave coldly towards her and so she starts flirting with Dr Drym. One evening the frivolous wife borrows her maid Zo's dress and goes out dancing with her to the local pub. There she meets Zo's lover, the Apache Fred, known as the Flaxen Devil. When a fight breaks out, Suzanne runs off home. Zo tells Fred that the beautiful woman is her mistress and Fred decides to avenge the master's whims. Zo takes him to the back entrance of the house and Fred climbs in through the window of Suzanne's bedroom. Suzanne wakes up and they are both overcome with passion. They spend most of the time with each other and Zo, out of jealousy, tells the banker how his wife is spending her time. The banker goes to the pub and sees Suzanne with Fred. Suzanne is forced to choose between the two men - and she chooses Fred. (jakelijan virallinen teksti)