Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

  • Suomi Naisia hermoromahduksen partaalla (lisää)


Boheemi ja värikäs kattohuoneisto Madridissa toimii päänäyttämönä espanjalaisen ohjaajamestari Pedro Almodóvarin rakastetulle kuvaukselle joukosta ihania naisia hermoromahduksen partaalla. Pepan (aina loistava Carmen Maura) asunnossa törmäävät naiset tulevat kehittämään tilanteen vielä hersyvämmäksi espanjalaiseksi rakkausfarssiksi. (Soulmedia Fin.)


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englanti The famous Almodóvar classic that introduced the world to the intricate world of Spanish black comedies. The whole thing is like a play - it takes place over a very short time, and all the characters keep coming back to the same apartment. And the theme is, of course, relationships, relationships and more relationships. Among those prominent females we also find a young Antonio Banderas, which of course (in retrospect) helped the film to remain immortal, even though times have changed and today's generation doesn't understand the troubles experienced by people without mobile phones. ()


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englanti Even though I wouldn't admit it five years ago, Pedro Almodóvar is one of my favorite filmmakers. That’s precisely because he can combine tragic themes with such a perspective that is interesting and entertaining, and yet doesn't lose its emotional depth. Although this film has that, I still enjoy his subsequent films more. ()


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