Mars - Kuoleman Planeetta

  • Yhdysvallat It! The Terror from Beyond Space (lisää)


After the first mission to Mars fails, a second ship is sent to pick up the survivors. However, only one man is left, and it appears he murdered the rest of the crew! When the space ship returns to Earth, the crew discovers a most unwelcome stow away--a living, breathing, hunting, killing creature! (jakelijan virallinen teksti)

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englanti At least as endearingly naive and entertaining as Ed Wood's greatest hits. A rescue expedition flies to Mars to retrieve a stranded crew, only to discover on the way back to Earth that they have a Martian on board. This unleashes a ruthless and thrilling fight for survival :). The alien itself is about as frightening as Alf. It is terribly funny to see an actor dressed in a kind of sackcloth, with a mask on his head, waving his paws and running around the deck like a madman. Not only is it unearthly strong, but its scratch infects humans with a bacillus that instantly causes leukemia. Facing it, there’s the crew armed with pistols and rifles. There are also traps with grenades and even an anti-tank gun (in a rocket, lol) There are lots of memorable moments, including walking on the rocket's shell with magnetic boots as the actors feign weightlessness, as well as incredibly banal dialogues, terrible acting, funny visual effects; in short, a joy to watch. And most importantly, you don’t get bored for a second, it’s royal fun. ()


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englanti There is always something happening in this likably short sci-fi flick. And you can even see an effort to actually depict characters. However, the situations and the acting (i.e. the directing) are so poorly handled that they drag the whole thing down to the level of a B-movie. It’s a shame that the actors look like they have a chicken running around on their ship. Along with the director, they butcher a rather decent screenplay. ()



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englanti A good classic B-movie. A sci-fi where the premise is that a beast is waiting on Mars hunting humans. I must admit that I really liked the portrayal of the alien. For its time, it does look quite scary, although admittedly, it has a bit of a Creature from the Black Lagoon vibe to it. The plot is quite classic, but it uses claustrophobia and other elements that make this film quite action-packed and interesting. ()


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englanti This could have been a kind of black-and-white predecessor to Alien. The potential was there. However, the screenplay is bland and, at times, so dull it drags the film down to a below-average level. When the characters are not busy uttering terrible dialogues, they run hysterically inside a not-so-spacious rocket, fire grenades in it and shoot from an anti-tank weapon; they form a team of scientists, but behave impulsively like young kids. Tension is inexistent. As for the Martian’s costume, which is more or less the same as in Creature from the Black Lagoon, it doesn’t add much value either. ()

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